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Time to wrap up the last few days methinks.
In my last post, we had arrived at Halls Gap and I was raving about it. We ended up staying there for 2 days, as it was really charming.
What sold it for me was as we were walking down the street on our first day there, a mother and baby kangaroo stopped on the oppposite side of the street, paused a few seconds to make sure that no cars were coming and then hopped across the road. I have spent many a happy day winding up family members saying that kangaroos roamed the streets of Sydney, but to see it actually happen (albeit in a small town) was a real Aussie experience. Definitely something to remember.
The rest of our time in Halls Gap was spent doing walks in those parts of the national park that were still open. It was on the way back from one of these walks that we came across a flock of a dozen or so wild emus. Fortunately we were in the car, so if they had given chase (as they are prone to do) we could have out run them.
After Halls Gap, we drove non-stop to South Australia and specifically to a town on the border called appropriately Bordertown.
The drive had taken 3 hours or so, so I was looking forward to a nice half day of wandering around the local attractions. We went to the information centre, and posed the question to the bloke there: what are the local attractions? The response was not exactly what I was looking for :ie "a couple of hours drive from here, there is the Murray River where you can rent a cabin."
So it was back to the car for another trek, fortunately cruise control took away some of the effort. In fairness to Bordertown, they did have one attraction: white kangaroos, so we went and checked them out. In 35 degree heat and being kept in a paddock, the poor things were not really in the most lively of spirits. I'm not convinced about the need to visit Bordertown again...
We rented a Swiss-style A-frame cabin down by the river and spent the night there. Other than swim in it (after Heather had convonced me that there would be no saltwater crocodiles in a freshwater river), we didn't do much other than play backgammon (still learning, and playing badly) and drink a decent amount of alcohol.
The following day (Friday 17th), we drove the remainder of the distance to Adelaide, stopping off at a town called Hahndorff (as you can guess, German settlers started it) and the local beach. I was hoping for a backpacker mecca like Bondi but it was much more family oriented (unfortunately). Last activities of the day were to check in to the YHA and return our very dirty hire car. Tomorrow we have a wine tasting tour of the Barossa Valley. As I won't be driving, I expect Sunday to be spent hungover. As long as we don't miss our train ride at 5pm...

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