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Kuala Lumpur

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Having set off in the middle of the night, the Superstar Virgo arrived in Kuala Lumpur home to the some of the tallest buildings in the world and hundreds of temples. Heather and I however decided to stay on board and laze by the pool. Don't shake your head in disgust, we have to have something to do when we go backpacking in SE Asia.

That evening we headed to the casino, which is where we found the passengers that had been missing since we left Singapore. We tried our hand at Baccarat (should have worn the tux again), Poker and Blackjack - however as the stakes were between $5 and $10 minimums, we went to the "learn to play" tables. We also tried our hand at roulette ($2 stakes), I put chips on 17 and 12 (Heather and I, erm, got together on 17 December 1999) and the ball landed on 17. Off to a great start!!! Unfortunately, our luck did not hold though but we managed to finish the game with $48 more than we started.

Peace of cake this gambling lark...

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We're S - H - O - P - P - I - N - G

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Monday morning we sailed in to Penang, Malaysia. This was the first day of excursions that we had booked, so we headed down (after breakfast) to the on board theatre to await the transfer to the docks (the Superstar Virgo is too big to berth by the quay in Penang).

The excursion we had booked on was a mad shopping trip, and the first port of call was a large shopping mall with hundreds of small stores. It was here we stocked up with gifts for home, various DVDs and assorted junk. The next shopping centre could have been a Westfields, as it had a number of shops such as Esprit, etc. We decided at this point to leave the coach tour and walk back to the ship as it was only about 20 minutes away.

An hour and a half later, we arrived back at the docks cursing our ability to judge distances. We did however get to see more of Penang than we would have done travelling by bus though. We got the transfer boat back to the ship and wrapped up a successful day by lazing for the rest of the day on deck by the pool. That evening the ship laid on a barbeque, so we gorged on that (which also served as a reminder that we were getting closer to Australia).

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