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Visiting the Venue

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The Sunday after we arrived was spent with our wedding planner, Tania, at our wedding and reception venue. It was nice to put a name to a face, as I had been chatting with Tania over the last few months in an attempt to sort out the wedding documentation. When Heather and I left Sydney on the Thursday, there was no real certainty that we will be able to get married due to problems with the documentation. No, I was not incredibly inefficient; I had problems with a certain Australian DFAT office. I may put it into a blog post at some time (if anyone shows any interest)...

Anyway, we met at our hotel and we were driven to the venue. We had seen photos from the venue, sent to us by Tania, so we thought we knew what to expect. Like the rest of Santorini however, the beauty of it can never be properly portrayed either on photos or video. It was (to use an overused word) awesome, with spectacular views of the caldera. IMG_0036.jpg

During this visit, we met the owner of the winery and had a finger of one of the desert wines that they make - very pleasant.

During this meeting with Tania, we dicussed final arrangements and she was able to confirm that the Certificate of No Impediment we needed from DFAT had been received. Woo hoo!!! We can get married...

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First day in Santorini

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The first full day in Santorini was spent shopping for gifts for all our guests. Although it is traditional for all the lady guests to receive a bonbonierre, we made two decisions:

  • Sugared almonds would get all sticky in the heat
  • Blokes should not be excluded, because they had travelled to Santorini as well.

So we ran around like mad picking up various tacky souvenirs. Unfortunately, this took most of the day, so we headed back to our hotel again.

At the end of the watching the sunset on the previous day, I decided that I wanted to do something a bit interesting. So when we returned to the hotel, I set up my tripod and video camera on the balcony and you used the time-lapse facility to film the sunset. Every 5 seconds or so (it varied due to alcohol consumption and chatting to Heather) I took a single frame shot. The result is that the 2-3 hour sunset completes in about a minute and a half. Maybe these guys will be interested in seeing it...

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